How to write a Visual Merchandising CV

A Visual Merchandising job entails the art of promoting the products and services using highly creative and artistic displays, layouts etc. The main aim is to attract prospective customers towards the products. A visual merchandiser uses his/her creativity to design attention-grabbing product displays, point of sales and layouts. A candidate opting for a visual merchandising assignment should be able to use his genius to the fullest and create spectacular out-of-box campaigns for attracting the customers and prospective buyers.

The candidate opting for such a role should have some educational qualification or design related work experience.Some other important attributes of visual merchandiser is to be an effective team player, the ability to work under high pressure and meet deadlines. Some of most important functional aspects of a visual merchandising job role are to produce creative and original display ideas, design product specific promotional displays, develop layout and floor plans for stores etc. A visual merchandiser should have in depth knowledge of colors, patterns, floor-sets.

Apart from the regular basic details of the candidate a visual merchandisers CV should have following essentials:

  • Career biography: A visual Merchandising CV should contain the complete details of companies worked with and positions handled. It should also elaborate on the key responsibilities during specific tenures.
  • Key Skills: A visual merchandising job entails use of lot of creativity and design related work. The CV of a visual merchandiser should be descriptive of the designer and creative achievements of the candidate. It should be able to portray the candidate as a design genius and highly creative individual.
  • References: It would be highly beneficial if the candidate has some good references from field of art, advertising etc. This helps prospective employers to gain confidence in the candidate.

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