How to Write a Photography CV

A photographer does not only mean a person who owns a digital camera and takes it on the vacations to save some of the memorable clips with his/her family and friends. Instead a professional photographer is one, who wakes up with the camera and sleeps with the camera. A person who takes the single shot a hundred times to find out the best one, out of the hundred is called a professional photographer.

A professional photographer works for the TV channels, magazines and various other media channels in order to provide them with good quality of photographs relating to a particular subject and earns money out of it. Let’s take a look at how to write a photography CV.

Make Use Of These Photography CV Guidelines And Get Hired Easily

  • Make the technical and non technical aspect apart: As you are a photographer, you must have some knowledge of artistry. You must have a fire of imagination within your mind. What we are trying to say is that; just try to showcase the recruiter as how imaginative you are. You can represent this by presenting some facts about your past job experience.

Mention the technical stuffs separately such as what type of camera you used, what type of image processing software you are proficient at and which brand of camera you use etc.

  • Write a focused career objective: A career objective is the opening statement of the CV and it should be focused in the way, the recruiter wants it. You should make a change in it, as per the job role you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a post of photographer in a wild life channel, then your statement should be like this: “Seeking a position as a wildlife photographer ……………..” instead of “Seeking a position as a photographer……………”

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