How to Write a CV for Law Internship

A law internship is the most crucial time of a law student that can change the life course of a law student. Law internship basically involves the process of hiring a law student by a professor, law firm, any organization or even an honorable judge to work under them during the summer vacations. It can be both unpaid as well as paid. So depending on the importance of law internship, the CV for this has to be crafted with immense care. Below are some of the vital tips you can use. Take a quick look –


Basic but significant and helpful tips on how to write a CV for a law internship:

  • Highlight your Core Competencies – Don’t forget to include all of your professional skills in your CV. Don’t exaggerate but keep it straight to the point yet true. Also explain how your key skills relate to your work. Mention all these positive qualities in a separate column.
  • Dedication – Make a small paragraph that can serve as your career objective & explain the importance of this internship in your life & career. Keep it simple with honest feelings.
  • Technical Proficiency – Mostly the professional will look for someone who can serve many purposes for them. The meaning of including this segment is to make aware the employer of your other qualities besides law like proficiency in internet, paper work etc.
  • Grammatically Sound – This is the most common mistake done by even professionals. Well you are a student but still doing grammatical errors is just such a big NO. Go through the CV twice, have the spell check appropriately, remove all grammatical errors and then again proofread it.

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