How to Write a CV for Engineering Internship

Internship is an imperative aspect of engineering education. When you are writing a CV for engineering internship, you need to ensure that certain technical aspects are included in your CV. Now, depending upon the organization and its policies they might entertain fresher or people with certain work experience, for internship.

So before getting into the nuances of how to write a CV for engineering internship, it must be observed that internship is usually the first point of contact of a student from an academic environment with the corporate interface. So, you need to write your CV with an air of professionalism so create the desired positive impression.

Here are some tips which will help you bag an internship –


This is of utmost importance. Here the company personnel would be interested to know whether you are actually sanguine about why you are willing to work as an intern in that particular organization; whether you have an urge to learn or you treat it like a chore. Write it accordingly.


Here you need to give a detailed yet compact account of your academic credentials clearly mentioning about your area of specialization; electrical engineering/mechanical engineering, etc. This is important as certain companies entertain candidates on the basis of certain cut offs.

Projects undertaken:

Essentially internship is that transitional period where you put theory into practice; apply your learning in the field on an industry interface. Give a brief description about why you undertook the academic projects and your learning from the same.


You need to write about your interpersonal skills which find vast applications in the workplace environment where you need to deliver in a team by getting along well with others.

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