How to Write a CV for an Air Hostess

An air hostess always has to undertake multiple tasks at the same time. She is supposed to be quick & smart yet sweet and soft spoken at the same time. She is the true representative of her employers. Being an air hostess, if you are looking for a new job then start with a well formulated CV. A good CV will do wonders for you. This article reveals few imperative tips that can help you in designing a CV that is apt for the job application.

  • Diploma – To be a professional air hostess, a diploma in aviation is required. Obviously you have that. So mention the name of the course, duration of the diploma along with associated university name in your CV in a well customized manner.
  • Organizing skills – Being an air hostess, employers expect utmost organization skills from their employee. Make a section namely ‘Attributes’ and include all of your strong points including your organization skills in it.
  • Communication skills – Being in aviation business, you can’t be successful without excellent communication skills. So add it to your core competency section to attract the employers towards you. You can mention about any courses or certifications related to this particular qualification.
  • Training – If you have taken some training from any reputed place then mention it in your CV. It can prove out to be an asset for you when the time comes.
  • Be Formal – Try to carry on the entire layout of your CV properly formal and professional.

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